Have a dog with anxiety… find out if CBD can help.

In this fast world we all live in, our pets begin to feel left out, and forgotten about at times. That’s why as dog owners we know to take time out of our busy day to give our furry friends the much-needed attention they deserve. Have you ever stopped to think about how they feel when you shut that front door and begin your morning commute to work. Coffee in hand as you walk to your car, and begin your drive down the road. In the mean time your best friend is thinking you will never return. This is know as seperation anxiety. Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety. It may lead to them chewing up the couch, your floors, or even those new shoes you saved up for, and treated your self to.  I know from exsperince the damage such a small dog can do in a little period of time. There are many things you can do to help your pet coup with this seperation anxiety. like get a second dog to keep the first one company, or even buy them a few new toys to leave lying around the house. Or in more recent years you can now try CBD oil. CBD oil has been know to lower anxiety levels in pets allowing them to rest, while you are way. Instead leaving them to worry about, if you will ever come home. There are even CBD pet treats you can give them before you leave in the morning. My girlfriend and i have been putting CBD oil in there water before we leave for work. I will say there has been a significant change. I feel i can now replace the base boards in our kitchen. Its given us a peace of mind knowing were coming home to a clean home. Instead of us having to clean up the very instance we walk in that front door. After all we love our pets, and don’t want the moment we return to be a unplesent one. I enjoy comeing home, and being able to give them the much wanted atention they are craving. Not just frustration about something they did while you were away, when you left them to there own demise.animal-beagle-breed-1322350

they wait patiently for your return so you can give them the love they deserve.  Give them something that will have the benifit of taking away that anxiety. give them a pieace of mind, thats all they want. For more information on CBD OIL and CBD for pets click the link below.

CBD for you and your dog.

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