Is your phone holding you back.

We live in a world full of distractions. Every where we go there are screens. They are on  the walls, in our pockets, on our wrists. I was pumping gas the other day, only to find out. The gas pump had a TV, and it was playing the news. We are constantly surrounded by screens competing for our attention. In a world where everything and everyone is constantly pulling for your attention, its easy to get lost. We tend to lose sight of what is valuable to us, and where we want to go in our life. When your teacher asked you what you wanted to do when you got older. No one answered stare at Facebook for two hours, then watch Stranger Things on Netflix, after that I’ll watch cat videos on YouTube, then I’m going back to Facebook just to look at all the post I didn’t like the first time I read them. I don’t think any one  ever replied that way.
Come to think of it, those were different times. Now we got social media and the ability to take the internet with us everywhere we go. This has left the majority of society in a loop. Like any animal in a loop, we begin to feel trapped. All this constant pull for our attention begins to make us feel like we are missing something if were not constantly in the loop. This is when were we tend to get lost. We spend time on activities just to spend it. With little regard to what comes, or what could have come from this time. At some point every activity begins to feel like a chore. So we get bored and find something else. This pattern creates a cycle, where time is not seen as something of value. But a problem to deal with.
Time invested in yourself will pay out. Not the time you invested in catching up on the lives of people you didn’t even hang out with in high school. This cycle is fueled by the actions you take the moment you wake up. Upon opening your eyes you grab your phone to turn off that alarm. Then the moment that follows begins the constant cycle of checking messages, emails and news feeds that will have very little effect on your day. The moment you turn of your alarm, you find yourself staring at the notifications for things that will be there regardless. No matter what time you wake up or look at your phone for that first time. By going for your phone first thing in the morning you set the tone for the rest of your day. Talk about waking up on the wrong side of the bed.
So you may be wondering what you can do to curve this trend and start investing time in yourself. Start by buying an alarm clock. I know every phone on the planet has an alarm clock. But that’s the very trap you set every night that controls the rest of your day. Buy settings an actual alarm clock you gain the victory of waking up to an open slate. A fresh untainted mind for you to work with. Set your new alarm clock, and start by taking control of the first hour of your day. In this first hour try to build a set routine that will lead to a more productive day. As soon as that alarm goes off. Get up, don’t hit the snooze. Do a morning stretch, make your bed, go hop in the shower. Anything besides reaching for your phone. In your morning routine you should make time for yourself to set a daily goal. It may sound funny, but think about it.  A ship with no guidance doesn’t return to port.
The goal doesn’t have to be challenging, better yet think small. Just set the goal and achieve it every day. By actively setting and achieving your daily goal, you will become more productive.  The  morning routine you built will give you discipline, and motivation. This will carry on through your day creating a productive mind-set, to reach the goal you envisioned for the day. The more goals you achieve, the more confident you will become. You will find yourself starting to set bigger goals. You will become more disciplined, more confident, and more motivated. It becomes a powerful cycle.  It all starts with waking up in the morning, and working through your morning routine to set you on the path to achieve your goals. Stop reaching for your phone first thing in the morning.
Give yourself the gift of one hour to be productive, and invest this time in yourself. It will only benefit you. This will make for a much more meaningful day. You will find yourself thinking about ways to improve the other areas of your life, not just your image on social media. It’s a decision you have to make. Do you want to live the real life you were given, or the life you created behind a screen.

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